It's about Island Living

We believe everyone should enjoy a taste of island living. The azure of the Indian Ocean, emerald valleys and endless molten sunsets, a vibrant collaboration of cultures and a tropical paradise we call home: This is our inspiration. Our elixir to create beautiful pieces of Linen clothing for men and women in breathtaking colours drawn from the island of Sri Lanka

It's about Lifestyle

We believe wearing Linen is a lifestyle choice. Our pieces made from one hundred percent linen are as versatile as they are chic. It is our mission to bring linen lovers & tropical travelers linen clothing you can wear all year round. Embrace it, enjoy it and wrap yourself in it, even for just a day.

It's about Feeling

Our style is ever embracing. As much as we are elegance, we are exotic and artistic too. Surrounded by a contrary mix of urban and rural, new and old: we create pieces that are timeless, beautiful and vibrant as well as natural, textural and flowing. So layer it all, express your individualism the best way you know how, through your surroundings, whether you blend in or stand out. With us, you can just be you.